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We’re the CPA firm that will solve all your tax & profitability problems. We’ll cut your tax to the legal minimum & make your business more profitable.

Is your CPA scamming you?

As of September 2, 2020, there are 658,267 actively licensed CPAs. This statistic is derived from the national database of CPAs, the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD), and is made up of official Accountancy Board data that is currently aggregated from 53 of the 55 CPA licensing jurisdictions.

We all know that all 658,267 CPAs do not rank in the top percentile, only 6,582 are in the top percentile. Only 65,827 are in the top 10%. Those are the best CPAs, and all of them work for the big 4 & the Global 5000. In fact they will keep hiring CPAs until they’ve filled their quota. The leftovers will prepare your tax return.

When I graduated from college, I ranked in the 100th percentile. I was recruited by the largest firm in the world after my junior year. After a few years with a Big 5 firm, I held C suite positions with two Fortune 500 companies.

Later, when I founded my CPA practice, I was still ranked in the top percentile. I know what I’m talking about when I say, your CPA may be scamming you, not intentionally, but because he just doesn’t know any better.

I had a client at one time who had another CPA preparing one of his business tax returns & I prepared his personal tax return. One year we noticed the business tax return had been prepared in such a manner that the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax wasted a $300,000 tax deduction. I tried to explain it to the client, but he didn’t understand and his other accountant was lying through his teeth. So I fired the client. He became furious and stormed out of my office, but he paused to summon the elevator instead of walking down one flight of stairs.

Using a tax preparer that ranks below 90% may cost you a lot of money some day. But, with the exception of Ellis, you don’t have much choice.