Tax Planning

Tax Strategy Blueprint.

Quote: “Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible. He is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.” Judge Learned Hand.

Tax savings become easy & baked in with our Tax Strategy Blueprint, a proactive tax plan custom designed to cut taxes for your specific circumstances in your specific business(es). The Tax Strategy Blueprint is a clear, proactive, strategic tax avoidance plan for avoiding tax legally. We choose between multiple tax strategies & techniques in selecting what we include in the design of your personal tax plan. It’s certainly not one size fits all.

Every dollar we save drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profits, working capital & competitive advantage. Easily measured, concrete results. You can measure results yourself. You don’t have to take our word for it.

We do tax planning at the highest level possible. The problem with the great majority of CPA’s & other tax practitioners is they’re never trained in tax planning, so they never learn how to do tax planning at this level of tax planning. You face two fundamental obstacles to getting proficient tax planning … 1-College accounting degrees don’t include much tax training besides a cursory introduction to the 77,000 page tax code. They do get an idea of tax law, but aren’t taught what to do with it to create a tax advantage for you. 2-The best & brightest candidates are hired right out of college by the Big 4 & the Global 1000 to do tax planning for the largest companies in the world, so you never even get a shot at them. You get the leftovers.

To find out how good we are before scheduling a call, upload last year’s returns to our Dropbox, and we’ll tell you how much we can save you. Numbers don’t lie.

This will probably be the only opportunity you will ever get to hire a top notch tax strategist for your tax planning. So don’t treat it lightly. Give it the consideration it deserves. I’ve been down the road I described. Hired by the Big 5 out of college. Two subsequent C suite positions. Private practice. I don’t know anyone else that can match my qualifications.

We’re not your Dad’s CPA firm.


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