State Selection Strategies

Ellis CPA is one of America’s experts in business reorganization, including recommending entity type and state of organization for best asset protection and tax advantage.

Selecting States for Tax & Asset Protection

South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Delaware

These are the best & most popular states to create LLCs & Corporations. It’s a toss-up between Nevada & Delaware for the worst of these four, although they are better than the other 46 states.

We offer Fast Turnaround Time, as do each of the states above. Nor do any of the states have a state income tax, and all states and Ellis guarantee privacy for owners.

Charging Orders
A charging order is a court-authorized right granted to a judgment creditor to attach distributions made from a business entity, such as a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability company (LLC). The debtor will be a member, partner, or the owner of the business entity.  State legislators have granted this right to creditors of LLCs, they prevent creditors of members from taking away membership in the LLC & they prevent creditors from access to LLC  assets. Their only recourse is to put a lien on distributions by the LLC to the member. It’s no unusual that the creditor ends up getting absolutely nothing.


At some point, every significant business ends up mixing & matching states & countries to operate in for best tax advantage & asset protection.

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