Business Reorganization

Re-organize your business(es) & rearrange your affairs to cut taxes, protect vital assets & operate efficiently. 

Business Reorganization

Most companies are not structured to their best advantage to protect the underlying business & it’s valuable intellectual & other assets. Most privately owned businesses have only one company, which puts the entire organization at risk. But Global 500 companies have several, sometimes hundreds, of subsidiaries to achieve all their business goals & to protect vital business assets. One of my clients is VP of tax for a Global 500, and her brother jokes that she’s always creating new foreign subsidiaries. They are the tools of her trade.

Reorganizing the business to protect assets & cash flow & cut taxes is essential to succeed in the chaotic, tumultuous 21st century.  

See the following list Global 500 companies with links to their SEC filing.

Many of them have hundreds related companies. In  one way or another, they all exist for asset protection.

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