Strategic Advisory

My background & my firm’s background is ideally suited to advisory services. Big 4, Big 5 accounting & consulting firms, 2 fortune 500 companies involving heavy IT, advertising & real estate experience, and three decades of private practice involving heavy MLM & restaurant experience. I’ve been advising clients my entire career. I led the team that introduced mag stripe cards to the marketplace, initiating the digital economy & revolutionizing the way the world does business, attempted to LBO my employer, ran for Congress & founded the first cloud based CPA firm in the days of Mosaic & AOL, and of course Microsoft.

We advise in areas that help private businesses perform better.
We help CEO’s fine tune their businesses.
We bulletproof your business.
We cut your tax to the legal minimum.
We give you the best advice on the planet.
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My background is with a Big 5 Accounting firm and C suite positions of two Fortune 500’s. I have a career of working at the highest levels with consultants and doing a fair share of advising executives in a variety of industries myself. If we can’t help your company, nobody can.

We provide strategic advice that will improve your competitive position in the marketplace.  The goal of strategic advice is to help you keep all areas of your company operating at their highest level. That means profits, client care, operations, bulletproofing, and everything else. If we can accomplish that, that will give you the absolute best opportunity to survive & thrive in the treacherous, chaotic 21st Century, and a fighting chance to carve your mark on the universe.

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Avoidance
  • Tax Strategy
  • Asset Protection
  • Intellectual Assets
  • Business Reorganization
  • Interstate Tax Strategy
  • International Tax Strategy
  • Bulletproof Your Business
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