Our purpose

This is a very complicated world. It’s a very noisy world. And we aren’t going to get a chance to talk much about us. So we have to be very clear what we want others to know about us. The way to do that is not to talk about what we do: tax strategy, or biz-org or international taxation.

The best branded business in the world is Nike. Nike sells a commodity, shoes. But their advertising is about the world’s greatest athletes. They are about great athletes. People want to know what the businesses they rely on are all about. We aren’t about tax strategy, or biz or international taxation. Although we do that better than almost anyone. But at the core of Ellis, we believe we are about making business work better. Tax strategy, biz-reorg & international taxation help us do that but they don’t define us. We have had the opportunity to work with some great companies who are making the world a better place because we helped make their business work better. The phrase, “Making Business Work Better” touches our soul and what we are doing on this world. That’s what we want you to know about us

If you want to make it into the upper echelon of businesses, we can help. If you don’t want that, we wouldn’t be a good match. We try to improve every business we touch. I’m a right brained genius with decades of experience at all levels of the American enterprise system, and 10 powerful proprietary strategies designed to put your business on the cutting edge.


The first half of my career was in the corporate world at relatively high levels.
Big 5 accounting firm: I started with the biggest & best accounting firm in the world. The people who started with me were the brightest people i met in my entire life. I audited several large & diverse companies. The experience I got there was elite. I didn’t get pigeonholed.
1st C suite: I went in as Controller, which is the top accounting officer of the company. Transferred to subsidiaries where I functioned as CFO. Terrific, diverse experience. .
2nd C suite: My next position was with a high tech credit card company. At the time they were industry leader. They brought me in to solve a significant problem. After I solved it, I rose rapidly in the ranks to a C suite position. My claim to fame came when the team i led introduced the mag stripe card & digital transactions to the marketplace.
Ellis CPA: After attempting to LBO my employer, I ran for Congress and found myself on the banks of the Colorado River, so I started an accounting practice.

Our firm: Ellis CPA.

Some tag lines we have used.
We provide better service than the firm next door.
We’ll cut your tax to the legal minimum.
Tax strategy cuts tax
We save more than we cost.
Easily measured concrete results.
We aren’t magical, but we are notably unusual, perhaps even remarkable, when you compare our high levels the components of expertise
professional performance
The Benefits of Working w/ Ellis
Making business work better
We put you into position to carve your mark
Tax Avoidance (98% successful.).
Tax Strategy.
Business Reorganization for success.
Identify & document intellectual assets for success
Interstate Tax Strategy.
International Tax Strategy.
We’ll cut your tax to the legal minimum

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