Making Business Work Better

Making Business Work Better

Ellis is Unique

No other firm in the country does what we do. We do five specific things to make your business work better. Then our consulting services and other continuing services kick in to keep you steadily on track for success. No firm in the country can do more to put you on the road to success than Ellis. We can even help you differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Most firms simply prepare tax returns and provide clerical services like bookkeeping, pathetically in many cases.

Fighting Failure

We throw everything we know & everything we have plus 100% of our talent into making your business work better. It’s not uncommon for businesses to get started on the wrong track and linger there until they wither away & die. It’s a fact that few business are organized optimally. 

Qualifications: Mensan, genius, superior cognitive abilities.

Background: Big 4 accounting firm, 2 S&P 500 C Suites, introduced mag stripe cards & digital transactions to the marketplace, ran for Congress, first virtual, cloud based CPA firm with clients in 46 countries and 7 countries.

We aren’t magical, but we are notably & conspicuously unusual, even remarkable, when you compare  our high levels of intuition of performanceintellect & experience with our competitors.

Our Story

From my first day at my first employer, I thought people retained tax & accounting professionals to solve a problem. I never conceived they would hire tax professionals solely prepare their tax return by taking the numbers provided and placing them on tax forms. But it turns out, they do. And it also turns out, that’s all most firms do. 

The Birth of  Tax Strategy

Then one day I stumbled across an article from the GAO that reported, “the Global 500 pay less tax at lower rates than privately owned companies.” That was odd, so I dug a little deeper, and discovered Apple’s twin tax strategies, Double Irish &  A Dutch Sandwich. I also discovered, the GLOBAL 500 uses tax shelters as a competitive advantage.

Paying less income tax than your competitors is a powerful competitive advantage. But the practice is almost non-existent among privately owned companies. So I became a tax strategist.

Our Strategic Approach to Taxation

  1. Dig deep into the minutia of the tax code, plus …
  2. Step back from the code to determining the theory & scope of the U.S. tax system: code, court cases, rev-procs, revenue rulings etc.
  3. Develop a comprehensive system to take maximum advantage of what is legal, while avoiding what is not legal.

Ellis’ 5 Strategies

In the subsequent years, i have developed five different areas that my tax avoidance strategies fall into.

  1. Tax avoidance:  …  General tax avoidance & tax strategy is the umbrella that includes all my generic strategies, plus everything that follows. We listen & learn. Then we mix & match tax law with circumstances. The result is tax strategy custom designed specifically for you. Which is exactly what Apple’s tax strategist did for them, and we’ve had similar success. In the last decade, we’ve saved millions of dollars for hundreds of businesses using this process. We are successful 99% of the time. Because these savings repeat themselves year after, it’s nearly impossible to estimate the total tax we saved.
  2. Business restructuring:  … most businesses are poorly structured. The Global 500 are constantly in the process of restructuring. Caterpillar is restructuring as you read this. They already have 300 subsidiaries in the Netherlands.  Even small, privately owned business would profit from restructuring.
  3. Intellectual asset strategy:   … Few businesses have recognized & documented 100% of their intellectual  most businesses foolishly leave these essential business assets at risk by keeping them in their primary operating company. If they get sued, they can lose them & go out of business over losing such mundane things as a website. Our approach protects intellectual assets & allows a business to pivot on a dime. We also make use of them in tax strategy.
  4. Interstate tax strategy:  … interstate tax is a lucrative area for tax avoidance by taking advantage of 50 different tax rates & tax authorities.
  5. International tax strategy:  … international tax is a lucrative area for tax avoidance by taking advantage of 180 (more or less) different tax rates & tax authorities.

About Ellis

Ellis CPA is a premier tax strategy firm with a national reputation. We are among the first of a new breed of professional firm designed to thrive in the digital disruption widely expected to destroy most professional firms. We have clients in 46 states & seven countries. We have a powerful staff that we have trained in-house. My personal qualifications include a Mensan genius intellect, decades of pertinent experience, strong intuition  & a top performance rating. After graduating from college with highest grades, my background includes AA&Co (the biggest & best CPA firm in the world at the time) C suite positions with 2 S&P 500 companies, an attempt to LBO my employer, a run for Congress and this firm. That’s what Ellis brings to the table.


  1. Mensan
  2. Genius level IQ
  3. Exponential experience
  4. Top % human performance
  5. Top % Intuition. 
  6. Graduated college with highest grades
  7. The biggest & best CPA firm in the world, AA&Co
  8. C suite positions at 2 S&P 500 companies
  9. Attempted to LBO my last employer, Mastercard
  10. Ran for Congress, but lost
  11. Private practice

We are not your dad’s CPA firm. Today we have clients in 46 states & 7 countries. 


The only reason businesses fail is differentiation.’  Doing things the way your competitors do things is a recipe for disaster.

99% of business don’t have a single competitive advantage that differentiates them from everyone else. Income tax is the one area where you can differentiate your business without getting going the marketplace. Most tax & consulting firms just prepare tax returns, which is just a clerical service..

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