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Ellis CPA‘s specialty is tax avoidance, but we offer an entire holistic service on tax avoidance & making your business work better. See list below or click here.

Most businesses pay more tax than the law requires (GAO). Most businesses pay more tax at higher rates than the Global 500. That’ a life ending tragedy. That is the reason most businesses are not successful. The SBA reported one in 10,000 startups every have more than 100 employees. 

That brings up this question.

How competent are your tax professionals? Most businesses and their CEO’s do no know how to evaluate tax professionals, so they turn to evaluating the relationship. That’s a mistake. But we can Help. Upload your tax returns to our drop-box & within 24 hrs we’ll tell you if you overpaid.

Every big global company began life as a start-up.. Apple started as two guys in a garage. As did Hewlett Packard. General Electric started as a guy & a kite. Hershey bean life as a single chocolate shop that went broke. McDonald’s started as a single restaurant. Ford started as one guy with an idea. The question everyone needs to ask is, Why do some startups go on to become big companies, while most startups hit an impenetrable plateau, linger for a while & eventually go out of business? From my experience over 40 years working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses in a number of industries, cash flow is always near the top of the list. It may sound inconceivable, but some businesses waste so much money on tax, that is their downfall.

  • Tax Strategy – don’t pay more tax than the law requires
  • Tax Avoidance – we save more than we cost. or we’ll refund the difference
  • Business organization – you’re probably not organized as well as you could be
  • Protect vital assets – and you can weather any storm
  • Interstate Taxation – mix & match states to save tax
  • International Taxation – mix & match countries to save tax
  • Intellectual property – vital assets serve a wide variety of purposes. 
  • Processes for handling large volumes
  • Business strategy. how & why you’re going to get there
  • Innovation. copycat works. Do it better
  • Markets. as soon as you find your market, expand continually
  • Finance. horde cash. Stack cash. Don’t waste it.  Never run out
  • People. great people are better than good people, who are better than average people, who are better than lousy people. Hire the best people you can attract
  • Process – digitize & simplify processes continually
  • Culture – enough said
  • Flat organization – too many bosses spoil the brew
  • Business intelligence – understand competitors

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