Immediate Intuitive Understanding

Right Brained

Believe it or not, intuition is what puts the power in intellect. Superior intellect without intuition is like a boat without an oar. Either of them are likely to go where the wind blows. Intuition adds substance & purpose to intellect.

A key component of genius & expertise is Intuition.

Intuition is “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious a key component of expertise. Intuition comes from Introspection. It is more of “feel” rather than “logic”. Intuition is your ability to sense things before they come.  More here

“The solutions to complex problems sometimes appear instantly in the high intellect (genius) mind before the problem is fully defined. High intellect people “are noted for superior cognitive ability; creativity & innovation; for making connections between objects that most of us wouldn’t think of connecting; for keeping everything they know, suspect, have seen or read hovering in the back of their brain to call on at a moment’s notice when appropriate; and combining seemingly disparate facts into remarkable solutions. This is intuition, and the more intelligent you are, the more intuitive you are. It inevitably inevitably involves abstract thinking and applying abstractions—that is, the people themselves become smarter. ”

We aren’t magical, but we are notably & conspicuously unusual, even remarkable, when you compare  our high levels of performanceintellect, intuition & experience with our competitors.


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