We Have No Competitors


The only reason businesses fail is differentiation. Doing things the way your competitors do things is a recipe for disaster. 

We are a different kind of tax firm

There is a tax office on every corner in the country. H&R Block, Liberty, the neighborhood CPA firm that’s on every block in America. How can we say we don’t have any competitors? 

42,000 CPA firms, 12,000 H&R Block offices, 3,000 liberty offices, 6,000 Jackson Hewitt offices prepare tax returns & Turbotax millions all by itself.

The Scary State of the Tax Profession

Certified Public Accountants who do taxes for clients are regulated, as are lawyers and tax specialists called “enrolled agents,” who must pass a test and be re certified periodically by the IRS. But many of the independent tax preparers are subject to no standards at all. They simply hang out a shingle and fill out tax forms for clients.

We have no competitors because we don’t Practice the way other firms practice. We do tax strategy, we do tax avoidance, we do business, we do intellectual property strategies, seven key services which work together to make your business work better. 99% of tax firms just fill your tax forms

Our Competitive advantage is we outperform competitors. We give our clients  the ability to achieve superior margins compared to competitors and  we generate added value to the company and its shareholders. Every dollar we save drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profit, working capital & competitive advantage.  Without competitive advantage, no business will last long.

99% of business don’t have a single competitive advantage that differentiates them from everyone else. We provide seven differentiators you can develop without going into the marketplace.  

The solution

Ellis has ten distinct services that can been worked & reworked to create competitive advantage out of thin air for your business.  Any one of them could provide the competitive advantage you need to prevail in the marketplace.

Neither the businesses themselves, or their tax professionals, pay any attention to this at all. that gives each of us a competitive advantage over our respective competitors. Each of them cuts your costs (tax) & creates cash based competitive advantage. There are limits to cash based competitive advantage, but it’s an advantage you didn’t have yesterday.

Every dollar we save drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profit, working capital & competitive advantage created out of thin air.


Can you imagine how difficult it was to compete with Apple when they were adding a billion dollars to their balance sheet every year from overseas tax savings. That’s genuine competitive advantage. That’s basically what we do. Your competitors can’t copy it, even if they knew what we were doing. Eventually, after a long time, Google, Facebook, Caterpillar all copied Apple. Apple may have even told them.  Competitive advantage is something competitors can’t copy. But everything comes to an end. But by then, something else will crop up to do it all over again. If they can copy it, they will copy it. But if they don’t know how you’re doing it, they’ll never copy it. That’s what we offer.

Every dollar we save drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, working capital, profits & competitive advantage created our of thin air.




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