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Ellis CPA is among the first of a new breed of virtual professional practices with our home in the cloud & clients in 46 states & 7 countries. The cloud, cell phones, the internet, email, intranets, Skype, Zoom & other on-line services make it possible to conduct business world-wide as a fully cloud based professional firm.

We truly believe in the transformative power of tax strategy and it’s ability to make businesses work better. Great tax strategy and great results from our other services make businesses work better. We’re excited to start a dialogue with you to explain how we can make your business work better.
Our specialty is tax avoidance.  We are a tax strategy firm specializing in tax strategies customized for individual & business clients. You can locate our awesome services page here. 
Our principal is a right brained mensan genius who graduated with highest grades and joined a Big 5 accounting firm. From then until he ran for Congress, his career was spent in 2 Fortune 500 C suites. After running for Congress, he formed this private practice. His entire career has been in tax, accounting & strategy. . 

Stories about our founding principal

  • Our principal participated with the rest of his 8th grade class in founding Telluride Ski Area by building the first rope tow at the site of the present ski area. The land later purchased by Zoline & it became a world class resort.
  • Our principal graduated at the top of his high school & college classes.
  • While working at a Big 5 accounting firm, he was the first person to wear a shirt that wasn’t white.
  • While working for an international bank card, our principal helped create the digital revolution when his team introduced electronically encoded mag stripe cards into the marketplace
  • When founding this firm, our principal created the first cloud based, virtual accounting & tax firm.

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