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Ellis CPA is a cutting edge, technology-driven tax & advisory firm with clients in 46 states & 5 countries. Our tax strategies & advisory services achieve results that often startle CEO’s, lawyers & tax professionals. We achieve results with acumen, not fudging with the law. We don’t stray into the dreaded grey areas; we stay right smack dab in the middle of the code. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profit, working capital & competitive advantage created out of thin air. Easily measured, concrete results.

Most CEO’s & private businesses owners don’t get the proactive advice they need from their CPA advisors, just reactive compliance [Elite Business Resources]. Our unique services are ideally suited to the 21st century’s complex business environment. Our guidance will help you survive & thrive in the chaotic, tumultuous 21st Century. We deliver more benefits than other firms.

We look at what you’re doing, figure out what you’re doing wrong, & fix it.

• Best practical business advice on the planet
• We’ll cut your tax to the legal minimum
• We’ll reorganize your business

QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE • After graduating college with highest grades, I joined the biggest & best CPA firm in the world where I audited, advised & prepared tax returns for the largest companies in the world. After that, I held C Suite positions w/ 2 Fortune 500 companies & led the team that introduced mag stripe cards to the marketplace, initiating the digital economy & revolutionizing the way the world does business, attempted LBO, ran for Congress, founded the first cloud based CPA firm in the country & built it to 7 figures.

INTELLECT • Mensan • Genius • Thought leader • Creative • Innovative • CEO • CFO • Advisors

QUOTE • “96% of all businesses fail within 10 years, with 80% failing within the first two years. But even the 4% that make it aren’t necessarily successful or profitable; it just means they’ve survived. If this weren’t enough… 95% of companies will never reach $1 million in annual sales. And out of these rare few, 95% won’t ever make it to $5 million. And of those, 98% won’t get to $10 million. Less than a tenth of a percent will make it to $10 million. And very, very few go beyond $100 million.” [Sabri Suby]

Robert Ellis
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