The Ellis Story

We have a reputation & track record for cutting tax to the legal minimum.

Ellis CPA is drawn like a magnet to the world-beating power of unleashing creativity. From our business model to all our services, everything we do bears the Ellis mark of innovation & creativity. Even a staid old profession like the accounting profession that hasn’t seen an innovation in 750 years can be alive with innovative possibilities.

We are among the first of a new form of  professional firm: a virtual firm with our home in the cloud, little to no geographic footprint with both an office based workforce & a workforce distributed throughout the cybersphere. Cell phones, the internet, email, intranets, Skype, Zoom & other on-line services make it possible to conduct business world-wide as a fully professional firm operating from our home in the cloud.

We aren’t corporate America. We’re street fighters, armed with tools & capabilities fee other firm have. We make good things happen legally. We have a track record of cutting tax for 98% of clients. We deliver easily measured, concrete results.


  1. Intellect: Mensa. Genius IQ.
  2. Exponential Experience: 4 decades of tax & accounting experience. In the top percent.
  3. Expertise: I rank in the top 1% on professional performance.
  4. Reliable
  5. Creative
  6. Talented
  7. About Robert Ellis, our principal.

I grew up in a ski resort/ mining town where I had the run of the town on my bicycle & later my Jeep. Our high school was small enough I participated in everything from sports to class plays to athletics, debate, student government, band, all state drummer, etc. and graduated valedictorian. Despite a scholarship to Harvard, I went to a state college to play sports. I eventually graduated with highest grades and joined the biggest & best accounting firm in the world.

That is the pattern I have followed all my life. Eclectic diversity. I developed widespread knowledge & expertise in a areas dealing with income tax & tax strategy, interstate tax, international tax, intellectual property & business structures.

I have a pretty an eclectic background including experience with a Big 5 accounting firm, a Big 5 consulting firm, C suite positions with two S&P 500, the House of Saud, big marketplace disruption, big tax disruption, sports, running, financial reporting, tax, politics, presidential citations, recognition by Congress & the Wall Street Journal, etc., etc., and 2 big digital innovations with more than a three decade concentration in tax strategy.  My background is so extraordinarily powerful, I describe it as exponential experience. I had no blank spaces in my background.

I refer to it as ‘exponential experience’. I’m also a Mensan. Genius level intellect. And my professional performance ranks in the top percentile. Links to all three.

Exponential Experience
Big 5 accounting firm
2 Fortune 500 C suite positions.
Jump started the digital revolution.

I bring Big 5 accounting & consulting experience, S&P 500 management, leadership & strategy experience & more than three decades tax & accounting experience, and an innovative approach to bear on your tax, accounting, management advisory & strategy needs. We will solve your problems.


“When I was with Mastercard, the team I led in addition to my Controller/CFO duties, introduced the mag stripe card & digital transactions to the marketplace and jumpstarted the digital revolution that is still shaking the shaking the world. That was so successful, we were unable to keep up with demand. This was back in the batch processing and nightly file maintenance days. The volume was just too much, so we hired 25 coders & systems analysts to develop a system that processed transactions in real time. But when we ran the first test, it took longer to run than the old fashioned file maintenance. To make a long story short, that resulted in restructuring the company and abandoning its leadership role up in technology. None of this even made headlines. Jimmy Carter was president. It was so far off the status quo, the media didn’t know what a big deal it was.

Private practice

Another story.

We started our practice is a small city on the Colorado River. The internet was a new thing in those days, but I had a client who was on the cutting edge of all things digital. So we decided took his advice & took used the internet to build a national practice. Today we have clients in 46 states and 7 countries. All of that was fueled by satisfied clients.

Our unusual national growth began when a client got involved in network marketing and began referring us to other network marketers. Network marketers are natural networkers and before long we had clients all over the place. Which spread naturally into other industries. Before long we had clients in most industries & most states.

Send us referrals. Referring us will enhance your reputation as a savvy business person.

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