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QUOTE – “72% of private businesses switched CPA firms because they didn’t get proactive advice, just reactive services, i.e., tax return preparation. What business owners really need is a financial confidante to discuss what’s going on in their businesses.” [Elite Business Resources.]

PROACTIVE focuses on the future.
REACTIVE focuses on the past.

ELLIS CPA isn’t your dad’s CPA. We’re a proactive, seven-figure, virtual tax & advisory firm with big firm capabilities. Clients in 46 states & five countries. We’ll bulletproof your business.

We aren’t just good tax accountants & advisors; we are great tax accountants & advisors. We deliver better performance & better results than other tax & accounting firms. We built our national reputation on tax avoidance by rearranging your affairs & reorganizing your business(es) to cut your tax to the legal minimum. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profits, working capital & competitive advantage. Easily measured concrete results. We also focus on protecting your vital business assets and reorganizing & restructuring your business. When we’re done, you & your businesses are basically bullet proof.

If we can’t convince you of that in 15 minutes, we don’t deserve your business.

In addition. we also provide the following PROACTIVE services • Tax avoidance • Tax planning • Tax strategy • Business analytics • Strategic business planning • Cash management • Crisis management • Forecasting • Interstate tax planning • International tax planning • Strategic advisory, and these essential REACTIVE services • Accounting • Payroll • Tax preparation.

QUALIFICATIONS • I have the high quality credentials to advise clients • Mensan • Genius intellect • Multi-disciplined • Polymath • Pro-active • Innovative • Creative • Thought leader • IQ • Exponential experience • Top percentile performer • After college, I joined the biggest & best BIG 5 CPA firm in the world where I audited, advised & prepared tax returns for the largest companies in the world. I held C Suite positions w/ 2 Fortune 500 companies, promoted & attempted an LBO, ran for Congress & founded Ellis CPA • I earned my spurs collecting battle scars of all levels of sophistication & all sizes of businesses from the largest to the smallest businesses in the world.

Web: https://elliscpafirm.com
Blog: https://bizzrategy.com
email: cc@elliscpafirm.com
Phone: (970) 241-5040

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