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About Us

ELLIS IS A TAX STRATEGY POWERHOUSE – Our tax strategies cut your tax to the legal minimum. We also specialize in organizational strategies & provide the best practical business advice on the planet.

ABOUT US – We are proactive initiators. We try to get out in front of the curve and stay there. Our culture is based on our core values and mission to be the best accounting firm by continuously adding value to our clients.  

ABOUT OUR COMPETITORS – Most tax professionals are re-active responders. They eagerly wait for your financial statements so they can fill out your tax forms, a clerical service. Their modus operandi is SALY, an accounting term that means, “Same As Last Year,” doing the same thing year after year, so nothing ever changes.

We don’t just fill out your tax forms. We do everything in our power to make your business work better. Every dollar we save drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, profits, working capital & competitive advantage created out of thin air. 

We throw in our superb client service at no extra cost. We answer every phone call, respond promptly to every email or textus & keep you in the loop every step of the way. You will never wonder what’s going on. Our service is world class.

To add insult to injury, it’s not uncommon for tax professionals to UNINTENTIONALLY CREATE INCOME TAX out of thin air as they prepare your tax returns.

ELLIS CREDENTIALS • Mensan • Genius • Thought Leader • Advisor • CPA • CFO • CEO • Premier tax strategist.

ELLIS EXPERIENCE • After graduating valedictorian I accepted a position with the biggest & best CPA firm in the world where I audited, prepared tax returns & advised the biggest companies in the world. I subsequently held C suite positions with two Fortune 500 companies, attempted to LBO my employer, ran for Congress & founded the first cloud-based CPA firm in the country. ELLIS is now larger than 4,500 of 4,600 U.S. CPA firms. $even figures, fully paperless, fully electronic, fully virtual with an international reach. Clients in 46 states & 5 countries.

According to Steve Jobs, “The best talent has high intellect and a wide variety of experience.”

Robert Ellis CPA
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