We Aren’t Your Dad’s CPA Firm

We make your business work better

No other firm in the country does what we do. We do five specific things to make your business work better. Then our consulting services and other continuing services kick in to keep you steadily on track for success. No firm in the country can do more to put you on the road to success than Ellis. We can even help you differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Most firms simply prepare tax returns and provide clerical services like bookkeeping, pathetically in many cases.



This is Our Firm

We are among the first of a new breed of professional firm designed to thrive in the digital disruption which is expected to destroy most professionals & their practitioners. 90% of what we do cannot be digitally reproduced. We have clients in 46 states & seven countries and we have a powerful staff we trained.

Our unique background makes us so integral to success. We are making ourselves more unique every day, and more valuable, while the CPA profession itself is widely expected to hit a wall of digital & AI disruption in the very near future. We intend to survive that while most firms won’t. We are among the first of a new breed of  professional practice that delivers value highly dependent on unique areas of valuable expertise that can’t be digitally duplicated. Most firms just prepare tax returns, which means, everything they do can be easily duplicated digitally.  When that happens widespread, they will be out of business. 

Ellis CPA is poised to compete in the tumultuous, chaotic 21st century, with a high level of unique competence from our home in the cloud with a geographic footprint on the Colorado River and a work force distributed where-ever we cn find it. Cell phones, the internet, email, intranets, Skype, Zoom & other on-line services make it possible to conduct business world-wide as a fully professional firm providing professional services to anyone anywhere, even overseas. 


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